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   Lobster here:
   One week of Raspberry Pi hardware and I am beginning to feel in control of my operating system and raspberrian computer. Just a little bit of control. Debian is like a Swiss bureaucrat asking you permission and forms to fill before breathing. Oh they are strict. I know about Swiss control freaks, I have dual nationality.
   Anyway … the above is my latest Squeeze, so to speak. The latest Rpi Debian Squeeze was released with support for Squeak, a programming language used by Micky Mousers. Written in Squeak is Scratch which is designed and available for those young at heart.
   Now why do I suddenly feel in control of my Raspberry? … because rather than take a picture of the screen with my Ipad, I could use the screenshot facility in mtpaint. A good Puppy standard graphic program. Hooray. The xscreenshot in Debian, I could not figure out even after a visit to the appropriate website and a bowl of muesli.
   To get the wallpaper, I needed to know apt-get and sudo su and all those cli wonders such as change permissions etc. -  a lot of red tape. Debian security is like a mind meld with emmental… .  and you are a hole.
   I dun did do a screenshot and … changed the background. My computer. My operating system. My oh my, bring on the real Puppy developers
   How to use Mtpaint screenshot:

  1.    Load Lxterminal
  2.    type sudo su
  3.    then apt-get update
  4.    then apt-get install mtpaint
  5.    then apt-get clean

   Mtpaint is now in your LX menu under graphics
   The screenshot facility in mtpaint is under File/Actions/Time delayed screenshot

To put the screenshot onto a USB keydrive for a bit of sneaker netting
   sudo su from the terminal
   and change the permissions of everything to read/writable, just because you can.
More details after I have a yodel …

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